Ep. 51: Prevent Marketing Burnout by Automating Your Business with Laura Kåmark

October 4, 2023
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As we navigate through Fall launch season and prepare for the holidays, it’s important to find ways to automate our marketing and prevent burnout. In this episode, I’ll share my insights on implementing evergreen systems, such as social media scheduling and email nurture sequences, to streamline your marketing efforts and give you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Let’s dive in and discover how you can put your marketing on autopilot and make waves in your business!

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Full Episode Transcript

Laura Kåmark [00:00:02]:

Hey, everyone. Welcome to the Be Bold Make Waves podcast, a show bringing you inspiring stories of women who are growing and scaling their business. I’m your host, Laura Kåmark, a website and tech integration specialist who works with online business donors who love their work and not their website. Join me as we have incredible conversations about business, mindset, productivity, and, of course, the website and tech behind the business. Let’s go ahead and dive in to this week’s episode. Hello, and welcome to this week’s show. For those of you who don’t already know me, I’m Laura Kåmark, website and tech integration specialist for women who love their work, but not their tech. I have a really fun solo episode for you today.

Laura Kåmark [00:00:47]:

We’re gonna talk about putting our marketing on Evergreen to allow some of the back end of our business to be automated to help us prevent burnout. That’s a mouthful, But it’s gonna be super fun, so let’s go ahead and dive in to this week’s episode. So, basically, The reason this sort of came up and I wanted to talk to you about this today is it’s September. We’re in launch mode. I feel like all my friends, all my clients, they are all mid launch right now. The kids are back in school. Summer’s done. Like, it’s the Perfect time to be launching because if you’re launching that also includes some sort of, program component where there’s, You know, accountability, acceleration, any of those sort of things that go together, now is the perfect time because it gives you a few weeks or, you know, 8 8 to 12 weeks to get that stuff done before the holiday season where I know, for me at least, I take off, Most of December, part of January, and even a little bit of November as well because my kids are home.

Laura Kåmark [00:01:55]:

They’re not in school. I can’t do as much work. Some of the things that I have been doing for clients for the past couple years is putting in place some automation to help their marketing just work on the back end. We’re putting in place some evergreen systems. So one of these systems that we put in place can be social. So I’ve done this for my business where I took my Instagram post that Lizzie Matson, She was in one of the previous podcast episodes. I’ll link her, episode below in the show notes. Lizzie created she was my Instagram manager for years, And she created so much content for me that once we stopped working together 1 on 1, I was able to take her content that or take the content that she created for my business and put it in, an social media scheduler.

Laura Kåmark [00:02:48]:

I use SocialBee. I’ll put my affiliate link down below in the notes, and I have it set to auto post and then continue to post. And so why do I do that? I do that first off, I do it with the content that is evergreen. And what does that mean? Evergreen means it’s not date specific. It’s not Time specific. It’s relevant content whenever it is consumed. Okay. Let me say that again.

Laura Kåmark [00:03:15]:

It is relevant content no matter when it is consumed, so that’s what evergreen content is. And so think of, like, a blog post where you can have all of the blogs on your website that will a lot of times years later be getting hits. And I know I have a client that I recently was looking at some of her reports from her Google Analytics, and she had a blog post from 2018 that is her top performing page on her website. That’s evergreen content. It’s gonna continue to drive traffic to your website, and it’s you create it once, and then you can reuse it. So going back to the social media, what I’ve done is taken my social posts that are evergreen, again, the things that don’t matter when it’s consumed, and put them in a scheduler. And so I’m able to now actually post it to Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, my business page, and it’s gonna keep posting for me consistently. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t post on those platforms As things come up, as I’ve been speaking at summits or being on podcast interviews, I still go and post the relevant things, but I also have that other content that’s able to go and just consistently post, so it’s one less thing that I need to have on my marketing to do list each week.

Laura Kåmark [00:04:34]:

So if you’re able to go, my recommendation would be go batch as much as you can. Go batch your content, batch your Instagram posts, and then put it in an evergreen system so that you’re able to step away from that part. And it gives you more time, more to work on other parts of your business, which is really I mean, starting a business, so much of it is marketing. I don’t Personally, I wanna be spending my entire week marketing my business. I wanna be building websites and putting together your hack funnels, and email marketing. Like, I wanna be doing all those pieces, the stuff that I find really fun. I don’t wanna be sitting doing Instagram posts and all that. It take to me, it’s it can be very draining.

Laura Kåmark [00:05:20]:

So by putting it into an evergreen system, I it’s just happening on the back end, and I love that. So the other thing that I’ve been setting up a lot lately for clients is an evergreen email nurture sequence, And this is super fun because I have 1 client that we’ve just, like, put her normal newsletter list. So, normally, she sends out a newsletter on every, like, once a week on Wednesdays. And we took all those people and put them into her evergreen sequence that we’ve so far built out for months, And it’s been really cool because she was like the she’s like, I didn’t have to write an email this week. This is amazing. Now I can go take that time and Work on some other pieces of my business or go out and be visible. She got she one of her the emails in her nurture sequence actually is for Saying like, hey. Do you are you looking for someone to speak, in your group coaching program or on your podcast at your summit? She actually that email went out today, and she woke up to a bunch of different messages from people, emails, and DMs of people at saying like, hey.

Laura Kåmark [00:06:29]:

Do you wanna speak at my summit? Do you wanna be on my podcast? She’s like, what is going on? Then she realized it was because of that was the email that was in the nurture sequence that a big chunk of her list got today because we just put everyone in. But as more people are getting on her list every day, They will get to a point and get those emails. And one of the things that we had talked about when we decided to put this in place for her was she’s has these amazing, engaging emails that she’s been writing for the past few years to our list very consistently. But I told her I said, you know, I love reading your emails. They’re So fun. They’re so enjoyable. I look forward every time they come into my inbox. I said, but I feel really bad for the people who are just now getting on your list because they’re never gonna get these super valuable, you know, funny, really, like, personable emails that you send out because they didn’t find out about you till right now.

Laura Kåmark [00:07:23]:

And so that was one of the reasons that we were like, well, let’s take all these old emails. Let’s go through them, find out which ones are for the High performing. She went through, like, with a fine tooth comb with all of them, and we put together into this evergreen systems and put it into her email marketing platform, and now it’s just ready to go. So it’s one less part that she needs to focus on in her business. No more, you know, waiting for, like, the night before and being like, oh, I still gotta write that my weekly newsletter. What am I gonna say to my list and just kinda rushing it sometimes. Instead, you can really write those emails when you’re feeling inspired and take your past Emails that have gotten really great engagement and the people have really enjoyed, and reuse those. Make sure that the new people coming into your audience are able to get that same value that the people who’ve been in your audience have been getting.

Laura Kåmark [00:08:17]:

And that I have another client we set it up for over a year ago, And she actually was she had a list. It was growing, but she wasn’t after they got the freebie, she never really emailed them again. She’s like, I’m embarrassed. I’m like, it’s okay. It Happens. It happens to all of us. I know, like, on my list, sometimes I’m more consistent than others. I’m trying to put a nurture sequence together, but I don’t always have the inspiration to write these emails.

Laura Kåmark [00:08:43]:

And so the people who are just now getting on my list, they have about 2 months of emails they’ll get from me before it’s like, I need to write another email. But, eventually, I’ll be able to build it up that it’s longer. But so this other client that I have that we had set this up for. She wasn’t emailing her list at all, and then once we got we for her, we had the 3 months we put in place, and then I showed her how to continue on with And she’s up to last time I checked in with her, she was up to, I think, month 7. And she said she gets Just the most amazing feedback from people, and she loves it. And her audience is more engaged now. She’s showing up consistently in their inbox. People are used to hearing from her, and so they’re getting to know her better.

Laura Kåmark [00:09:29]:

It’s just This is what email marketing is for, and this is what it should be. So those are 2 of the ways that I’ve really been, like, helping clients put some evergreen systems in place using the automation. So all the text communicating, we have the website, the opt in, the freebie, at the delivery of it all and then it all tagging properly and putting them in place for these evergreen email sequences. And so that’s just something that I really would like you to think about when you are looking at the marketing side of your business. What are things that you could Put what are processes you could put in place so you don’t have to manually do this anymore. I just recently set up an automation in my business where when someone signs up for my WordPress protection plan. That’s where I go in and I they sign up for the plan, and I keep their website up to date, Plug ins up to date and just there’s once they get on that, now when they go sign up On my website, put in the credit card information, then they get the welcome email. I used to have to send that out manually.

Laura Kåmark [00:10:33]:

I put together an automation that would make it so that just happens, and it’s great. It’s one less thing that I have to think about when I have people sign up for it. So What are ways that you could put evergreen systems and some automations into your business to help free up some time so that you can spend less time on the back end of your business, less time on the marketing, spending more time on building relationships and more time on just doing the piece of your business that you love. That’s it for today. Thanks so much for listening. I’ll see you next week. Thanks so much for listening to this week’s episode. Be sure to check out the show notes at lauracomark .comforward/podcast.

Laura Kåmark [00:11:21]:

And if you’re ready to turn your website into a marketing machine, get more Sales, save time, and simplify the back end of your business? Grab my free resource, Power Integrations for your website. Head on over to laurakamark.com/power. If you enjoyed today’s episode, make sure scribe. And, also, I’ll just love you forever if you leave me a review. It helps get this podcast in front of other people that can help inspire. Thanks so much for listening. I’ll see you next week. Bye now.

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