Ep. 49: Streamlining Tech and Empowering Clients with FG Funnel Expert Clare Lewis of Clare Concept

September 13, 2023
Clare Lewis, a smiling woman in a pink blazer.

Meet Clare:

Clare is a FG Funnels and HighLevel expert dedicated to simplifying tech and helping service providers streamline their processes all in one place. With a background in Public Relations and Communications, before moving to web development and marketing, Clare understands the importance of a great offer, powerful content and beautiful design in a truly successful web presence.

Clare helps her clients in all aspects of FG Funnels, High Level and other HighLevel white labels but especially loves helping them with design, tech and automations. Clare’s favorite thing about her work is when a project comes together so a client can put their offer out into the world. She is honored when clients choose her to help them change the world in their own little ways.

When she’s not working, you can probably find her at a hockey game, reading a book or spending time with family and her three dogs.

If you love your work and NOT your website and are ready to grow and scale your business go to laurakamark.com to find out how I can help bring your vision to life.
Full Episode Transcript

Laura Kåmark [00:00:01]:

Hey, everyone. Welcome to the Be Bold Make Waves podcast. A show bringing you inspiring stories of women who are growing and scaling their business. I’m your host, Laura Kamark, a website and tech integration specialist who works with owners who love their work and not their website. Join me as we have incredible conversations about business, mindset, productivity, and, of course, the website and tech behind the business. Let’s go ahead and dive in to this week’s episode. Hello, and welcome to today’s show. For those of you who don’t already know me, I’m Laura Kamark, website and tech integration specialist for women who love their work. but not their website. I am so incredibly excited about my guest today, who is one of my very dear friends, Clare Lewis. Clare is a f g funnels and high level expert dedicated to simplifying tech and helping service providers streamline their processes all in one place. Clare has a background in public relations and communications before moving to web development and marketing. She understands the importance of great offer, powerful content, and a beautiful design in a 2 in a truly successful web presence. Clare helps her clients in all aspects of f g funnels, high level, and other high level white labels but especially loves helping with design, tech, and automations. Clare’s favorite thing about her work is when a project comes together so a client can put their offer out into the world. She’s honored when clients choose her to help them change the world in her in their own little ways. Clare, thank you so much for coming on the show today. I’ve been trying to get you on here for quite some time ever since the podcast launch. So I’m just thrilled to share you with the with my audience Can you tell our audience just a little bit more about, like, how did you get to, like, quickly? Cause I know we could sit and talk for a really long time, so I know this could be hard to keep in our time. Tell us how you got here. Like, what’s how’d you end up where you are today?

Clare Lewis [00:02:09]:

Sure. So I graduated, from college with a degree in communications and relations and was working in schools and with in sports and had a whole range of experiences there but as I was applying for jobs, I realized that a lot of places wanted, you know, tech and website skills and being the person that I am, I thought that meant that I had to learn how to like code a website from scratch and what I later learned was that they wanted someone that could copy and paste a blog post into WordPress and have published, but but I learned how to develop websites from scratch and I just really loved it. I loved, the kind of the sense of bringing something to life. I loved working with different types of businesses and clients and just really getting to learn so much about so many different fields and So I worked in WordPress for about 5 years and then it was, I’ve been working with F G Funnels for the past 2 years was no, I guess it’s almost 3 years now. And in late 2022, I made the switch to fully move to FG funnels, high level, and other high level white labels, and really, specialize there.

Laura Kåmark [00:03:33]:

I love that. I’d we have a very long history together in the online space because we’ve been hanging out together since I think 2016, we both had joined a program. And since then we’ve been in multiple same programs over the years, few years ago, we got to meet in person at a Mastermind retreat, We’ve been in multiple masterminds together, and we talk almost daily on boxer. Absolutely. So I’ve enjoyed watching your journey. you are just so brilliant and so talented in what you do So I’ve always just really appreciated having your opinions on things when I get stuck in something, especially something super technical. You’ve always been an amazing resource for me. So again, super excited to have you here today. Can we talk a little bit? I wanna talk a little more about, like, high level versus WordPress. And when do you recommend as someone who’s very familiar with both platforms, which again was one of the reasons I really wanted to bring you on? When would you recommend WordPress versus high level or a white label?

Clare Lewis [00:04:41]:

So I think that Both are excellent and WordPress I would say right now is much better at blogging and, digital shops and probably you can probably do a little bit more with communities right now in WordPress. But again, that but I think where high level and actually panel succeed is that everything’s built into one platform. And so if you’re a really small business, you know, if you’re just one person, if you’re just one, you know, maybe you have a VA but who’s not super technical, you’re not dealing with as many of the integrations. You’re not having those zaps break. You’re not having things, you know, running out of limits of of whatever that forms don’t get sent over or, you know, everything’s all in one place. Your your email sign up forms are on your website. and so I think that for really small teams, it can be really helpful because you don’t have all of those things that you have to put together. And and I know that it has a higher price point initially, and I think that scares some people off they’re looking at whether it’s, you know, 1 19 a month or whatever that is, but I think when you look at all the things you’re you’re not paying for, you’re not paying for, acuity. You’re not paying for something like active campaign. You’re not paying for your WordPress hosting, you’re not paying for a, you know, page builder or funnel software, all of those things can kind of I think if you looked at it, especially over the course of a year, would probably equal each other out. You’re not paying for a separate membership or course site. So it’s it’s an interesting, situation. I I had a woman that I talked to last week and she was on, she already had her email marketing. All she wanted to move to FG funnels was her email marketing and her courses. And she realized she was paying less in email marketing and was really happy than she would have been paying over at FG funnels. And so she was gonna be moving was her courses. And I said, you know what? It’s probably not it’s not the right move. Keep keep your courses she had an on podia. She had a WordPress website that she’d love. She didn’t wanna move. So I said, you know what? It’s not the right move for you. at this time. And so I I try to be really honest about for each person’s situation, is this the right move? Cause I don’t want you to waste money.

Laura Kåmark [00:07:25]:

Yeah. Absolutely. Why did you end up gravitating towards f g funnels?

Clare Lewis [00:07:33]:

So what I love aboutFG funnels is that they have a big, big focus on really great copy and really great design. You’re not getting kind of out of the box super simple templates. They’re they’re very focused on conversions and the designs once you learn how to adjust them, it’s really easy for people. Like, I I suggest to people have someone build your first phone and get you on the right track of, you know, I, I, when I customize a template, I still go into Photoshop and change the image assets to your your brand and your brand colors and make sure that everything really feels really cohesive But then once you have that start, it’s a lot easier for you to take that start and say, okay, now I have all those pieces, I can then work on my own, you know, my own lead magnet file and things like that. And because you have that base that you’re just trying to almost adapt versus okay. I’m looking at this template that I really don’t like because it’s too simplistic and it’s not focused on conversions, and so it really short cuts the process a lot.

Laura Kåmark [00:08:51]:

Yeah. I love that. I think also it’s so important to, like, recognize that there are certain people that, like, the whole piece of, like, building funnels in the online space. I know I talk to clients all the time. Like, they don’t they’re not looking for funnels. They I love building funnels. Like, I love it when clients are ready to get to that stuff, but I have a lot of clients that have You know, I work with a number of therapists that have brick and mortar, you know, practices, and they’re not their big thing is they need people to be able to book online They need to be able to show their team and their contact form is really huge and trying to not get spam on that contact form, which is always challenging. which actually does, fungalores just haven’t any have they figured out, like, a way to stop the spammy bots on the contact forms? Do you know?

Clare Lewis [00:09:44]:

I haven’t had a ton of spam, and and really my clients haven’t either. so I don’t know but I don’t know why that is.

Laura Kåmark [00:09:55]:

I know I was thinking about that today because I was, just On my daily walk this morning, I was thinking about contact forms. And all the spam, I’m like, why would you get so much spam? Like, Soon as you put, I had a client, we just we put it back on. She hadn’t had one in a while. We’d taken off years ago, and she was ready to put it back on. And, bam, as soon as that thing was back on, what’s his name? Jones.

Clare Lewis [00:10:22]:

Oh, Eric?

Laura Kåmark [00:10:23]:

Eric. Yeah. Eric Jones. It’s just blowing up the contact form. And I’m like, what is up? Why is this? So, you know, we went we got Clean Talk and we installed that. And it’s it’s helped greatly. But I’m like, man. And so I was thinking about that. I’m like, oh, I have my call with Claire today. I should ask her if they had this if they see the same thing over on high level, because It’s such a pain.

Clare Lewis [00:10:46]:

Yeah. Oh, it is. But, yeah, I’m not — — hasn’t been a huge issue for my clients yet.

Laura Kåmark [00:10:54]:

Okay. Yeah. I love that it’s F g funnels as a way to really, like, put all those pieces together with having, like, a funnel can you talk to our audience a little bit? Like, what are some of the funnels you’re usually putting together? Are you doing? Like, what I call foundational funnels is gonna be like, you know, having the opt in form funnel, having so that when people are landing on that site, they’re getting on your list, they’re getting nurtured. Is that, like, typically, what kind of funnels are you usually setting for clients.

Clare Lewis [00:11:24]:

So lead magnet or opt in funnels are huge. And even when I build a website, I always suggest that even if there’s a a form right on the page that we build a separate funnel for that opt in anyways because sometimes you’re gonna want to send traffic right to that funnel. So it’s the same opt in. It’s the same delivery sequence, but it’s a it’s a page and then we have that thank you page, for for if you want to send direct traffic. I also do a lot of and I don’t want to say simple, but three page funnels where you have your your, your sales page, your order form, and your order confirmation, and then all of the automations that go with that And I think that’s a really nice way for people to start getting out there without doing a big webinar or a big, you know, an application, you know, those are very, very important funnels, but a lot of people, especially when they’re starting out, that sales page that order form page and that order confirmation page are really where they need to start out. And then they’re they’re driving traffic to that page from social, from their email list, and all of that so they don’t necessarily need if they already have an audience, or if they’re building their audience through social and things. They don’t necessarily need that webinar and things like that especially if it’s a lower ticket product. I I had a client, I built her, a funnel for her $199 course and it converted at 9%, which is huge and the, online marketing world. And and so and that was just a three page funnel, but she had somewhat of an email list. She had she was talking about it on social media, and so, she did really well with that.

Laura Kåmark [00:13:12]:

Oh, I love that. I love when my clients get results and are able to share those results. with me because that’s — I do too. It just lights me up. I have a client right now who is running ads to her website and funnel that I set up, and it’s converting really high. I don’t know the actual percentage, but it’s, like, I love hearing that. I’m like, yay. because she’s making, like, all this money selling her product. And I’m like, this is amazing because it’s a pre order for it look. So it wasn’t even, like, a validated offer. It was a new for. But, but she has a big audience and she has a very strong online presence. And I was just I was just thrilled about that. And, again, like, Love that. I’d love when the clients get results. That just makes it’s what we’re here to do.

Clare Lewis [00:13:58]:

Absolutely. And and, really, I mean, I think that people think I want people to know how invested we are in their businesses. Like, yes, we you know, our our part of the project is the same no matter what you do, but when a client doesn’t launch or I just I feel so sad because I know how much potential there is and I want I so badly know I want my clients to be successful because I know what they’re doing is so important and so special.

Laura Kåmark [00:14:32]:

Agree. Agree so much. Yes. I I wanna talk I still wanna talk more about funnels. What would you say? Yeah. What are some fun funnel questions? What would you say are what are your favorite funnels to set up?

Clare Lewis [00:14:52]:

I really I actually really like application funnels because they’re generally a higher ticket funnel, and I love to kind of it really for my clients, it shortcuts that time on the sales call. Like, I’m sure that everyone knows it’s can be nerve wracking to get on a sales call, especially if you don’t have the information to kinda know, and to know whether they’re gonna be a good fit. And so they have a application funnel can kind of give you it gives your prospect enough to know what they’re what they’re kind of exploring, but then it gives you some really great information to say, okay, is this gonna be a fit or is it not? And so you’re not wasting a ton of time. You know, you’re still doing sales calls and everything, but you’re not wasting that time. And so that’s that’s kind of fun to set up because they’re a little bit more involved than a three page, but you’re also not having to do, you know, a big webinar, which can be a really big hurdle for a lot of people too.

Laura Kåmark [00:15:57]:

Oh, absolutely. Can we talk a little bit? You have a resource guide that you have put together. Can you talk a little bit about tell our audience about that resource guide?

Clare Lewis [00:16:08]:

I do. Yes. so my funnel 411 resource guide is it’s it’s built around FG files, although anyone using a high level account or a high level white label will definitely find enough from it because the foundation is the same. It’s really just those kind of designs and support, but it’s everything I have been making lists of every question that my client asks me of how to do this and how to do that. And the goal for it is to really empower you in a super easy way to find the answers to those questions. I mean I have a client, that was messaging me overnight because he’s in Switzerland, and it was he had questions and so it’s it’s like I’m writing those things down to say, okay, I gotta add that to the resource library because I want people to have a really simple place to go and say, okay, I have this question. is it here? And I have to say, I mean, the FG Funnel’s group is excellent. The FG Funnel’s university is great. I think just sometimes there’s a difference in the way people are asking the question. And so it’s set up very much like a, how do I do x? and of the way that people are thinking about the question. And because it’s on demand, they don’t have to wait for a support call. They don’t have to wait for me to be around And because it’s a a free resource, you don’t have to be applying in a mind to access it. It’s just it’s there to help because I feel I feel so strongly about how the platform can help and I want people to feel empowered that they can use it. I don’t want them get overwhelmed and say, okay, I I just I can’t figure it out, because I tell people there is a learning curve and it’s because you’re trying to learn 6 platforms at once. If you were trying to learn active campaign and acuity and WordPress and a course site all at once and, you know, something like Zapier or something you’re gonna feel overwhelmed. I promise you. You’re gonna feel even more overwhelmed. It’s just that, generally, you’re not trying to learn all those platforms at once. And so it’s sort of a I have it kind of broken down into, alright, I have a question about email. I’m gonna go into that and say, alright, how do I send a broadcast email or how do I customize my unsubscribe? And so, and those are things that you shouldn’t need to hire someone for. Those are things that you want to be able to do yourself, and I wanna empower you to to do that.

Laura Kåmark [00:18:49]:

Oh, I love that. Where can people find that resource?

Clare Lewis [00:18:52]:

you can go to funnel411.com, and, you’ll opt in and get, access to the platform.

Laura Kåmark [00:19:00]:

Oh, I love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. I wanna talk. We’ve talked a lot about text, so we’re not gonna have that conversation. This is and I know everything about your tech as well just because we talk so much. I wanna talk a little bit about some of the challenges that you’ve overcome. We both know, like, starting a business, running a business. it’s there’s a lot. There’s a lot going on. so I would love to talk a little bit about some of the challenges that you’ve over come and some of the surprising challenges that you faced?

Clare Lewis [00:19:32]:

I think that probably when I think about challenges in business and and I think that it’s a cycle that there’s always going to be you think you’ve overcome some and then all of a sudden something else pulls you back in. And I I know that you and I have been in programs where this has been a big thing about, you know, where a which is said, it’s more about recognizing, okay, I’m being pulled back into this. And so it’s a lot about mindset about, you know, pricing and comparisonitis and all of those things that just kind of pull you back and So I think that’s a huge challenge that is a constant area for improvement of, you know, feeling like you’re you’re able to show up and do the work. And part of that’s mindset, part of that is time management. We all, as a solar business owner, we wear so many hats and, you know, it’s I I say I love what I do. I love actually working on it. It’s the things like billing. They don’t love because it’s just not in my zone of genius. I’d much rather be working on a funnel than dealing with something about invoices and things. So I think that’s certainly something, you know, marketing even though I work in I I’m in the marketing space. Marketing is always hard in showing up and making time for that and prioritizing that. And so I think but I think it gives me a better understanding of my clients because they’re all struggling with the exact same things and So how do we how do we make that easier and I think that’s one of the things that funnels can do is you know you have a really strong place to send people. So I think that the no matter what the experience of a solo business owner is we all struggle with the same things and it may be at different times and it may be in different manifestations, but it’s a lot around mindset, around time management and wearing all the hats and just trying to do everything to the level that you wanna do it because a lot of us are perfectionists too. and that makes it ten times harder.

Laura Kåmark [00:21:50]:

Absolutely. Oh, I love that. I love also what you said about how knowing that your funnels are working on the back end, like, I feel so strongly about that for my clients. Like, that is one of the things I strive towards having that my clients have a website that they feel proud to send people to. But they know, like, the whole idea of what I’m trying to build for them is having these I call them foundational funnels on the back end so that they can start front loading, go out there, get visible, do the marketing, all that stuff, which is Absolutely hard. Like, totally. But also, like, getting on podcasts, speaking at summit, I feel like everyone’s doing that, at least in my circles, a lot more. than the circles I was running in a few years ago. And so we’re all getting more visible. We’re getting more comfortable being visible. But if you were sending them to a website, and your opt in isn’t working. I tried to opt into something the other day and just like nothing happened. And I was like, I really wanted to opt into this. Nothing. Absolutely. Just like froze. And I was like, did I get in? Am I on our list? Like, am I gonna get this thing? I didn’t. But knowing that it’s all working and that you can just as a business owner, go work in your zone. Go talk to people about what you’re doing. Go be there, knowing with full confidence showing up and knowing your website represents who you are, how you wanna show up, and you funnels are gonna work on the back end. So once people are getting on your list, it’s all gonna run on the back end.

Clare Lewis [00:23:20]:

Absolutely. And I think we it’s natural for us to look for excuses of why not to show up and put ourselves out there. and the absolutely the biggest excuse is I don’t have a website that I’m proud of for. Oh, I I can’t let anyone go to my website because it’s so terrible or Well, I don’t have an email list, so I I’m gonna waste I’m gonna waste their their click by ending up on my website and can’t do anything unless they wanna hire me and they may not be ready. And so I think that that is a really important foundational step and like you said with those foundational funnels because it removes an excuse. Now I’m not saying that you’re not gonna find 5 other excuses to not do it because you will But if we can tackle one of them, that’s a huge one.

Laura Kåmark [00:24:08]:

Absolutely. Yeah. I’m Like, I know even with my website, you know, the cobbler’s kid doesn’t have any issues. My website, my messaging is all over the place right now. It has my business has changed. It’s evolved. like, I need to hire Nicole Capic again who wrote my copy and get her to come in and kinda massage what she did a number of years ago because things have changed.

Clare Lewis [00:24:29]:


Laura Kåmark [00:24:30]:

And just update things because your website doesn’t it’s not done. It’s never done. Yeah. It’s always gonna continue to evolve and change as you evolve and change in your business changes and all the things. So Absolutely. As we make pivots and things, what would you say that you are doing that is being bold in the industry? How are you doing with funnels different?

Clare Lewis [00:24:56]:

I think that really trying to I think that the funnel 411 is it’s a newer thing that I’ve established, but I think that it is really trying to help people in kind of a different a different way. There’s nothing like it out there, other than F G University, which, like I said, is awesome, but I feel sometimes people have a hard time finding things. And so that’s kind of my goal because there are wonderful, wonderful FG funnels practitioners and and experts. And, I mean, I was I was talking to 5 of them earlier. And I mean, so so and we we all try to be very supportive of each other. And so I think that is kind of how I’m trying to differentiate myself is really through empowerment because I it I feel don’t know what the right word, but when people say, Oh, I’m just struggling. I don’t know if it’s gonna work for me. I just that is hard because I know the potential and but I want I want people and and I know, Laura, you do the same thing through your WordPress work. You want people feel comfortable using their websites and using it as a tool, not not being like, oh, that’s the thing I can’t touch because it’s scary. I don’t we don’t want tech to be scary, and you just need some help to move forward.

Laura Kåmark [00:26:27]:

Yeah. I love that. Yeah. It’s and you’re right. Right. It’s I want my clients to feel empowered. I want the I you put that so perfectly. Like, I don’t want them to think it’s scary. Although I have tons of clients who are like, I don’t wanna touch it. I’m like, that’s fine. That’s what I’m here for. I’m not going anywhere. Like, I create tons of training videos. Sometimes they get watched. Sometimes they don’t, but they’re there. for when that one rainy day with maybe I’m on vacation. Yeah. And they have a question. I’m like, oh, go look in your training lab library. So I love that. I love that you want to empower people. I think that’s so amazing. And because Tech doesn’t need to be scary. And I get that it is for so many people, but if we can find ways to make it easier and find simple solutions and, like, also making it not so complex on the back end. I know that’s something I strive for. I know you strive for that as well. Like, how can we make it simple for not just us, but for our clients.

Clare Lewis [00:27:27]:

Absolutely. And and I tell I try to tell people you know, I think it’s a great idea if if you can afford it to hire out all of your funnels, but you don’t you shouldn’t need to hire out someone to send out an email to your list. Sorry. You know, if you wanna if you wanna outsource that to a VA, that’s totally different. But you should be able to know, okay, this is how I send an email to my list. And that not that it’s hard, it’s just it’s hard to conceptualize. And so you need someone to kind of walk you through it and say, alright, this is exactly how you do it and I don’t want that’s kind of where I’m trying to say, alright, you can absolutely send an email to your list. Now if you wanna build out, you know, a big webinar funnel, yeah, maybe maybe you hire out for that, but you I want people to feel like, oh, I can do this. I can send out an I can send out an email to my list or I can set I can add another, email to my welcome sequence or tweak that. that stuff, certainly you can absolutely hire it out, but if you want to do it, you absolutely can too.

Laura Kåmark [00:28:32]:

love that. Love that so much. So I would like to know as you are very well aware, because, again, we talk almost daily. I’m such a huge fan of celebrating wins. And I would love to know what’s something that you’re really proud of that you’ve accomplished in your business that we celebrate

Clare Lewis [00:28:52]:

about your business. So this is something I did. I worked really hard on the past 2 weeks and you know a little bit about it, but I will explain. I really wanted to really uplevel my client experience and make it super easy for people to know what what I need before they work with me and just know exactly what the expectations are and not not have to Wait, I I and and I love talking to my clients. I love answering questions, but I know sometimes you especially as the client. Oh, I don’t wanna bugger about that. You know, and and so I really revamped my whole process for that three page website we or not 3 page website, 3 page funnel that we talked about earlier, and everything is so seamless that I know it’s going to just make my client experience so much better. I did, you know, a whole prework course that’s really super bite sized, like I would say

Laura Kåmark [00:29:55]:


Clare Lewis [00:29:55]:

of the lessons will take less than 3 minutes each to get through. but it’s just it’s really about again, it’s all about empowerment. Like, oh yeah, I can do this. I can get what she needs and because as you know, when we get what we what we need, it makes the enterprise so much better and you’re going to be so much more successful and have so such better conversion rates and it’s all a very layered process. And so I’m really, really excited to work with that because I know it’s just gonna make things so much better for clients.

Laura Kåmark [00:30:31]:

Oh, I love that. And, yeah, I got see a little behind the scenes sneak peek video of it. It was really, really cool. I was like, this is amazing. So congratulations on getting that done.

Clare Lewis [00:30:43]:

I know you put

Laura Kåmark [00:30:43]:

a lot of work and time into that, and that’s totally incredible. Who are I wanna know. So for our listeners, if someone is listening in and maybe they have FG funnels or they’ve been thinking about FG funnels? Like, who are your perfect people to come work with you? Is this are you usually setting people up typically? Is it people who’ve been in there? Is it a little bit of all the above? It’s a little bit of

Clare Lewis [00:31:09]:

all of the above. I generally I really love working with people who are established. And so we go in and we make sure that all of those foundational pieces are set up and then we start building out that building out those automations because, like I said, then you can take that base and really move forward with it. And, and I I tell people, you can you can build an offer and put it out there before you migrate. In fact, I think that’s a great idea. Get really used to things before you start, you know, migrating because that migration is not hard and in for most platforms, it’s not hard. I think in general, migration is not hard. It’s just time consuming and kind of tedious. And so I would rather you start with something like the fun part basically. And then once you once you get that momentum, you’re like, okay, now I can migrate because is awesome and I know that I wanna do this. and so but also I have clients that are like, you know what? I I have a new offer. I’m all already all established, but I have a new offer and either I don’t have the time or I don’t I don’t want to build it out myself or I just know that hiring an expert is absolutely the way that I’m gonna get the best results. And so and I I mean, for people that are new, I’m able to offer a 2 week free trial of FG films, which is kind of rare in the that’s not publicly available. And if you work with me on a funnel, you get access to all of the slide decks, all of the lead magnets, and all of the logo designs from FG funnels, so you can, and they all match the funnel template so you can if you’re doing a webinar, you know you’re gonna get that slide deck that matches your template. And then if you are doing the webinar, I go in and I customize that whole slide deck to look exactly to match your funnel, like all of those elements that we put in your funnel, we’re gonna put in your slide deck too and then you can use that again and again. And and so it’s really about that kind of no matter what stage your business or stage in your FG Funnel’s journey you are, it really is getting that foundation in there and saying, okay, now I can Now I have this idea for this opt in, and I wanted to kinda look like everything else. Super easy.

Laura Kåmark [00:33:38]:

Oh, I love that so much. That’s amazing. And so if anyone’s interested in kinda checking things out, do should they just reach out to you, or what’s the best way for someone to take advantage of that trial period?

Clare Lewis [00:33:51]:

yeah. So if you if you wanna just take the trial and don’t wanna reach out. That’s totally fine. You can go to my Instagram. I’m instagram.com/claireconceptweb there’s no IAN CLEAR, and I know Laura will put that in the show notes. And in my link in my bio, there’s the

Laura Kåmark [00:34:08]:


Clare Lewis [00:34:09]:

day free trial. You can also message me, email me, or go to my website. It kind of gives an overview of, what I offer, but I’m always happy to talk to people and if you wanna set up a call to say, I don’t know. Is this right for me? And we’ll go through and I’ll ask you questions and I never have a problem saying, no, I don’t think it’s right for you. Or I will say, yeah, I think it’s perfect. I I really wanna help you make the best decision for you because as the creator funnel decoder is truly, one of the creators always says it’s never gonna be easier to migrate than today. Like today is always the easiest but what I don’t want you to do is migrate to the wrong platform and then be like, oh, should I go back or, you know, like, no, as little migration as possible is always the best thing.

Laura Kåmark [00:34:54]:

I love that. Claire, I could sit and talk to you all day, and I will later inbox her. There is one question I ask. Everyone who comes on the show, and that is what is one piece of advice? you would give to someone when they are growing and scaling their business to help them be bolder, be louder, and make waves.

Clare Lewis [00:35:22]:

No one is as hard on you as you are on yourself, and that’s something that I kind of constantly have to remind myself you you you are filtering everything you do through your life. You’re hearing everything you say. You’re hearing everything you think. Other people aren’t and so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just get out there and not as many people as you think are going to judge and and even fewer are gonna say anything. And really, I I think that a lot of times, at least in the circles that I’m in, there’s not judgment, there’s a lot to help. And so if someone messages you and says, oh, there was a broken link on this, they’re not they’re not saying like, oh, you’re a terrible business owner. You should quit. It’s like, I wanna help you and help you be more successful. And so if you can update that link, like, great. And then you know, oh, someone was interested enough to click that link. And so that’s a good sign too, even though it was broken, doesn’t matter. And so I think to know that you’re your own worst critic and that other people aren’t thinking like you are. And and I think that’s where having great friends and I mean, I am so lucky between you know, Laura and and we have so many wonderful business friends. They’re always there to cheer you on and so find those people and and be brave enough to make conversation and that will make such a difference in your journey, I promise.

Laura Kåmark [00:36:55]:

Oh, I love that so much. And, yeah, I mean, find your people. I spent, I feel like, so many years at the start of my business not having, like, these biz best days. And once I found those people, which was all through the Sarah Massey VIP Day group back in 2020, when we all joined that, you and I think both of you at the same time. yet again. Yeah. And, I mean, when we joined the mastermind retreat or the mastermind group momentum, I mean, that was where I found the people that I talk to every single day, the people that I’m boxing. Absolutely. All the ones that I go to when I’m having a hard day when I need, you know, someone you know, a friendly shoulder to cry on or when I wanna burn it all down and I need just like a reframe or when I wanna celebrate and or when I anything, like, I go to them for everything.

Clare Lewis [00:37:45]:

Absolutely. And and their perspectives, again, are your friends are gonna be your greatest cheerleaders and tell you, like, you’re being too critical on yourself. And I think that’s where you need because otherwise you’d get totally up in your head. And and and it does take a while. I mean, you and I have known each other like you said since 2016, but it was really in 2020 that we became really good friends. I would say previously we were acquaintances. We knew each other, but, like, in 2020 was when we became really good friends and sounding board and and all of that. And I wish that it happened back in

Laura Kåmark [00:38:24]:


Clare Lewis [00:38:28]:

You lost all those years. We’re more than making up for it now. Absolutely.

Laura Kåmark [00:38:36]:

All the hours and hours on Voxer. I love it. Oh my gosh, Clare. Thank you so much for coming on the show today. Can you tell our listeners? I know you already kinda did. Let’s just go ahead and tell them. Where can they go find you? Where do you hang out? Where they where can they go get more Clare?

Clare Lewis [00:38:52]:

So, my website is clareconcept.com. Clare is spelled the Irish in the Italian way. Instagram @claireconceptweb funnel411.com. And eventually, I will get a YouTube channel up, but, you know, it’s not happening quite yet.

Laura Kåmark [00:39:13]:

Just add it to the list. It’s coming. It’s a lot.

Laura Kåmark [00:39:16]:

I know. It is a lot. Thank you so much for coming on the showed day. This was so much fun. Thank you for having me.

Clare Lewis [00:39:22]:

I always love talking to you.

Laura Kåmark [00:39:25]:

Thanks so much for listening to this week’s episode. be sure to check out the show notes at laurakamark.com/podcast. And if you’re ready to turn your site into a marketing machine, get more sales, save time, and simplify the back end of your business, grab my free resource, power integrations, for your website. Head on over to laurakamark.com/power. If you enjoyed today’s episode, make sure to subscribe, and also I’ll just love you forever if you leave me a review. It helps get this podcast in front of other people that can help inspire. Thanks so much for listening. I’ll see you next week. Bye now.

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