Why is my website so slow?

We’ve all heard that in today’s world of shiny objects, we have about 8 second to grab someone’s attention. If you fail to capture that attention, you lose a potential new client.

Have you ever clicked on a website, and before it could even load, you lost interest? I know I have.

This is why your website speed is so important.

If your site takes 5 seconds to load, you’ve lost valuable time to convert a viewer into a paying customer.

if you can’t load fast, you don’t even stand a chance at grabbing someone’s attention.

I hear all the time, my website is so slow, what can I do to speed it up.

In my experience, the biggest contributor to slow site speed, is cheap hosting.

#truthbomb you get what you pay for.

(side note: there are MANY MANY MANY factors that can additionally cause slow site speed, such as images sizes being too large, too many plugins, poorly written css, and the list goes on and on, but today we are going to talk about hosting because that the item I see makes the impact on site speed on the websites I’ve worked on).

I recently had a client website that I moved from budget hosting to Flywheel* (one of my favorite hosts). That was the only change we did. Her speed test results went from 60% to 94%

The ONLY change that was made was switching to Flywheel hosting*, who I personally use and love.

Check out the Gtmetrix site speed test before and after results below!


hosting switch speed test results

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