it’s time

to have a website that matches where you’re going, not where you’ve been.


Does this sound familiar…

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Your business is on fire, but your website no longer represents who you are or where you’re headed. (And I’m not just talking about those five-year-old brand photos!)

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Your site is starting to blend into the masses and your expertise isn’t shining through. And if you can’t see how you stand out, how will your visitors? (Hint: They won’t.)

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You want your website to feel more premium, elevated, and uniquely YOU so that you have zero hesitation when sharing your URL. (If there’s even the slightest inward cringe, you need a website makeover. STAT.)

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You have a clear vision for the next stage in your business – and it’s exciting. SO exciting, your partner is practically begging you to stop talking about it! (You just need an expert who will share your passion and help you get there.)

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Picking up on my not-so-subtle “expert” mentions?

Your website is too important to have DIY, “that’ll do” vibes. If you want to attract and sign high-end, dreamy clients, you need to give the people what they want – a one-of-a-kind experience created by an expert, for an expert. (That’s you!)

Choose Your Up-Level

Package Options

Option 1 | Full Branding & Custom Web Design

This high-touch, premium package is for you if you want to completely revamp your brand and website to match the next stage in your business. I’ll partner with my go-to designer to develop your most magnetic brand, and then transfer the new look and feel to a custom, strategic website that helps you turn more visitors into purchasers.

Investment starts at $12,000.

Option 2 | Brand & Web Refresh

If you already have a brand and website that you like (but don’t love), then I’ll turn those “meh” vibes into googly eyes for your online presence. On the branding side, this might mean elevating your fonts, colors, and brand marks. On the website end, this could mean enhancing your existing graphics, flow, structure, and more. Every business is unique, so I’ll meet you where you’re at.

Investment starts at $10,500.

Option 3 | Custom Web Design

If you’ve already worked with a brand designer and/or have an established brand that perfectly represents you and your business, then we can fast-forward to your one-of-a-kind website design. Your new site will be everything you want – and more. Beautiful, strategic, and built to take your visitors on a clear and compelling journey leading to purchase.

Investment starts at $7,500.

Not sure which package is right for you?
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"I wanted someone to see my vision and take it forward."

“Beyond the website and the branding, Laura and her team do such a great job at seeing the big picture of where you’re at…and driving all intentions towards growth. [She] saw the vision of where I wanted to go.”

Amanda Kuchlenz, MomentumUp Marketing

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Did you get the memo?

My custom website design can help you …

  • Strike an instant and memorable chord with your perfect-fit clients.
  • Showcase your brilliance and position you as a go-to expert in your industry.
  • Take visitors on a thoughtful and strategic journey to purchase from you.
  • Confidently command higher pricesbecause girl, it’s time to raise your rates!
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“..The flow of people coming to me has drastically improved.”

“Since we launched my website and new brand, I’ve had more discovery calls coming in. I’ve been able to share my information so much easier. Just the flow of people coming to me has drastically improved. I now have a system and am on a platform where I can make changes that are aligned – I’m seeing a better communication flow through my website to my business.”

Alecia St. Germain, The Conscious Edge

it needs to be asked:

Is your corner of the internet a place you and your dream clients want to be?

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