Ep. 36: Home Automations for Simplified Living

May 17, 2023
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Streamlined Life: Home Automations for Simplified Living:

  • Some items I automate at home to save time and clear up mental energy.


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Laura Kåmark
Hey everyone. Welcome to the Be Bold Make Waves podcast, a show bringing you inspiring stories of women who are growing and scaling their business. I’m your host, Laura Kåmark, a website and tech integration specialist who works with online business owners who love their work and not their website. Join me as we have incredible conversations about business mindset, productivity, and, of course, the website and tech behind the business. Let’s go ahead and dive in to this week’s episode. Hello, and welcome to this week’s show. For those of you who don’t already know me, I’m Laura Kåmark. website and tech automation specialist for women who love their work, but not their website. I’m really excited about this week’s episode, we’re going to talk about automations. And I know we talk a lot on the podcast about what we automate in our business. But today, we’re actually going to talk about the things we automate in our home life. And the reason I want to bring this up is I know that there’s a number of things I’ve done in my life at home to just help free up some of the mental bandwidth that I have available by seeing some of the repetitive things that I do and putting them on autopilot, also by just finding ways to simplify. So let’s go ahead and dive into today’s episode. So first of all, I would love to know if you ever found yourself and you’re coming home and you’re just like trying to get in the door. If you’re anything like me, I always have like a bajillion bags of groceries where I think I can carry too many things at once I was having purse, my water bottle, my all the groceries and I’m trying to fumble for my keys. And this was something that was always like, I don’t know, a thing where you’re trying to get in the door, can’t find your keys are buried at the bottom of your bag. And a few years ago, we actually installed a keyless door lock. And the idea first came to me when Denise Duffield Thomas money mindset coach, who I’m a huge fan of I’m in her money boot camp, I just love all her books and her podcasts and everything. She talks about the keyless life philosophy, which she talks about installing a keyless door lock. And, again, this has been so life changing, it feels so simple. But it’s been life changing for us. We had a number of years ago, one of the kids had broken our lock, and we can no longer lock it from the outside. So we had to go get a new lock and get new keys. And I didn’t realize that we could have just re keyed the lock. I didn’t know that. And so I had a few new keys made but we didn’t have that many, my daughter would always take the key to play with. So I found myself I had two keys to get in the front door. And I had one that was in my purse always. And then she took the other one. So when I was going to walk the dog, I didn’t have a way to lock the house. And that really bothered me because I’m just one of those people, I like to have the door lock just for safety. And, you know, let’s not leave things unlocked so people can get in. So it kind of bothered me. So installing this keyless lock again, it seems so simple. But it’s so amazing. I just like have a little code, I punch in my code, it beeps at me and unlocks the door. And it’s amazing. I never have to worry about carrying a key. My kids can get in the door, they don’t have to worry about carrying a key. They have their own separate code. I have codes for like the house sitter. And when my daughter was working with a tutor, like she had her own code, different people have their own code. And I know when they unlock send, it also pings my phone. And so I know that the doors been unlocked, and who’s coming in. It’s amazing. It’s like, again, it feels so simple. But it just adds so much convenience to our life. It’s one of those things I’m like, Why didn’t we do this sooner? This is amazing. I highly recommend it. So that’s one of the things that we have automated at home is really just getting in and out of the house. No one anymore has to worry about forgetting a key or not bringing a key or any of those things. So that’s the first way that we’ve automated things. Now, the next thing we’re going to talk about is setting up some auto ship. So I have a bunch of just it’s been game changing for me when I have taken these items that I need to have on hand and just constantly restocking in the house. So this is going to be things like making sure we don’t run out of coffee or vitamins, the pet food, toilet paper, all that stuff I have set up now to just auto ship. And I get an email every month to review it. See if there’s any changes I need to make. If there’s nothing to make change. They send it out a week later and everything just shows up. And I don’t have to constantly be worried. It was literally just the other day my husband’s like hey, heads up We’re on the last can of coffee. Can you know did you see I wrote it on list. I said, it’s already an order and it will be here tomorrow. So that also made me feel like I was being very accomplished that I already knew. I, it just, it helps me feel like I almost have this little personal assistant, that’s just making sure I don’t run out of these essential items that we need to just keep the household running. Okay, so the next item we’re gonna dive into is talking about meal prep. So I am just not one of those people who enjoys cooking, I never have enjoyed cooking. It’s just not my favorite thing to do. So for me, figuring out a grocery list each week and meal planning and all that has never been enjoyable. And so it was about five years ago, we started trying out some of the different meal prep delivery services. So we first started with like HelloFresh. And we did that for a number of years. And then we switched around to some of the other ones. Currently we’re using at the time of this recording, we’re using home chef, which I love, because they send me a lot of things that are oven ready, and it’s already pre chopped, and I just toss it in a pan sees in the meat, and it goes in the oven and you know, vegetables, potatoes, meat, and it’s good to go. It’s again, for me, being able to not spend hours meal planning, researching online, trying to find new recipes, figuring out you know, going to the grocery stores, wandering the aisles, finding all the different items I need for dinner that week, that to me just is a true time saver and sanity saver, because I’m just not not a fan of grocery shopping. And I’m not a fan of cooking. So any way that I can kind of easy button it and make it just free up that mental space in my head. I am onboard to find those ways. Okay, so this last one we’re going to talk about is kind of a funny one. It’s actually this automatic soap dispenser. And so it’s motion activated. And the story behind this goes back to when my daughter was younger and just like not wanting to wash her hands. And so she was like very resistant of it. You know, toddlers sometimes have very strong opinions. And we were just trying to find a way to make it more fun for her. And so it was actually my mom, who was like, Hey, let’s get them you know, she’s she sent us. Or she was here visiting actually. And she went to just like Bed Bath and Beyond and picked up this motion sensor, Hand Soap Dispenser. And now my daughter wasn’t that keen on it, like she’s fine with washing your hands. Now it’s not a big deal anymore. She got through that phase, but I love this motion activated soap dispenser. One, it makes me feel kind of fancy. And two, it just makes again, everything so much easier. I just I ended up getting more of them one for every sink in the house. I really love it in the kitchen. Because a lot of times I feel like I have like, when if I’m cooking, I might have like meat juice or something like raw meat on my hands or dunk on my hand like food and I need to wash it off. And not having to touch the soap dispenser just like being able to put my hand in there, it just makes it a little more hand free. Because before you have to like use one hand to push down the top of the soap. And then the soap comes into the other hand. And again, like it’s super silly. But it’s something that to me like, again, it’s one of those little changes that we made at home that just really makes life feel a lot simpler.

Laura Kåmark
just wave your hand and so magically dispenses. So, really, it’s just some of these little small touches that just can bring added convenience into our daily lives and free up so much again, that mental space, that mental bandwidth that just takes up. There’s so many things to do, especially as moms, especially as moms and business owners, where we’re constantly trying to like remember to do all the things and you know, we’re running out of coffee, don’t forget to order the milk like all these things, that when we find ways that we can automate some of that and just free up some of that mental energy. It can just make life so much simpler. So I hope you enjoyed this episode, I would love to challenge you to look around your house and like see like what things could you automate? Is there anything that you’re doing any tasks, anything that you find like you’re reordering something every, you know, maybe you have the same groceries you get pretty much every week? Could you put that on an auto order, even if you go to the store and pick it up and do the drive up? Just anything that can free up time and energy can help make things so much simpler. So I would love to know, send me a DM on Instagram @LauraKamark and and let me know some of the ways that you automate your household life, to free up more time and energy to really do the things that you want to do. So stay tuned. I can’t wait to hear what you automate at home and I look forward to seeing you next week where we have another exciting topic that we will be talking about on the podcast. And until then, automate away and enjoy the freedom that it brings. Take care. Talk to you next week. Bye now. Thanks so much for listening to this week’s episode. Be sure to check out the show notes at Laurakamark.com/podcast. And if you’re ready to turn your website into a marketing machine, get more sales, save time and simplify the backend of your business. Grab my free resource power integrations for your website. Head on over to Laurakamark.com/power. If you enjoyed today’s episode, make sure subscribe. And also, I’ll just love you forever. If you leave me a review. It helps get this podcast in front of other people that can help inspire. Thanks so much for listening. I’ll see you next week. Bye now.

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