Ep. 45: Infusing Fun in Your Business Growth with Laura Kåmark

August 9, 2023
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In this episode of Be Bold, Make Waves, I share insights on finding joy in building a business, particularly during the scaling and growing phase.

I talk about:

🧀 My love for cheese and its impact on my business

🔗 The importance of finding your unique passions in business

🗝️ Embracing your own way of doing things and finding joy in the process

Tune in to this episode of “Be Bold, Make Waves” to hear my story of how a simple passion for cheese led to create a successful course and adding fun in my business journey. Don’t miss out on this inspiring episode!

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Full Episode Transcript

Laura Kåmark [00:00:01]:

Hey, everyone. Welcome to the Be Bold Make Waves podcast. A show bringing you inspiring stories of women who are growing and scaling their business.

Laura Kåmark [00:00:10]:

I’m your host Laura Kåmark, a website and tech integration specialist who works with owners who love their work and not their website. Join me as we have incredible conversations about business mindset, productivity, and, of course, the website and tech behind the business. Let’s go ahead and dive in to this week’s episode.

Hello and welcome to this week’s show. For those of you who don’t already know me, I’m Laura Kåmark, website and tech automation specialist for women who love their work but not their website. I’m really excited about this week’s solo episode where we’re gonna talk about Finding the things that bring you joy when you’re building out your business, and I don’t mean like when you’re building it at the very beginning. I’m talking about when you are a few years into your business, you know who you help, you know what transformation you get for your clients, and you’re really clear on all that piece of your business, and maybe you’re kind of in that scaling and growing phase where so many of I know our audience is. and so I wanna talk today about when you are looking for something to find a little bit of joy and going a little bit outside the lines and creating something really fun. So let me back up and tell you a little story here first. So I love cheese. And if you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen my cheese plates that I post about all the time. And when I go to master mine retreats, as a guest, I typically will ship a box of cheese, so I can make a cheese plate for all my master mine friends I create them at home to help celebrate just my wins of the week, my wins in my business just to really eat yummy cheese. And this is something that I actually during the pandemic was ordering a lot of cheese from like grocery delivery, and then it was available anymore, and so I actually found a one of my favorite cheese companies, cowgirl Creamery, has a cheese subscription and I was like, well that sounds decadent and delicious. So I actually signed up for this monthly cheese club. And so I was getting this amazing assortment of cheese and accompaniments every month, which now they’ve since changed it to quarterly, which I’m still part of it and just love it. And so that kind of started just like always having cheese on hand was these shipments. And then a lot of times at night, after the kids are in bed. My husband will work a lot of late hours, and so I’ll just be at home or if he’s out of town, he’ll be out of town for work a lot as well. Sometimes I just don’t feel like making dinner. And in those a lot of those times, I’m like, cheese is just so much more delightful, enjoyable, it feels so much easier, and it’s just it makes me so happy. It’s one of those things that really brings me so much joy in life is a delicious cheese plate, and again, this is usually just something for me, and what I will actually do I talk also a lot about my good friend, Dara Sklar, and her course get productive with G Suite. And one of the things because her course is so it’s a very lengthy course, there’s so much value and it’s so comprehensive. I started watching her course at night while I was eating my cheese plates, and so I got through her entire, like, huge monstrosity of a course That is amazing. I highly recommend checking out laurakamark.com/dara, is my affiliate link. and I’ll link that in the show notes. But I would sit and watch and post online about how I was consuming her course while consuming cheese, and it was so fun, and she just to kick out of that as well. So I a lot of friends in the online space, a lot of my audience, they know they they think of me when they think a cheese because they know my love of cheese, and how often I do consume cheese. So fast forward, I’m at a retreat in Breckenridge, Colorado with my mastermind. And I’m getting ready to make a cheese plate and all my friends are like, Laura, you really need to make this cheese course, and they’ve been telling me this for years. They’re like just make a cheese course, make a cheese course, And I’m like, you know, we’ve I’ve mentioned before when people are like, if you could talk about anything for an hour unprepared, what would be the thing you present on? I’m always like cheese. I could talk to you about cheese like all day long. I love talking about cheese. It’s just super fun. And so funny enough when I went to make this cheese plate in Breckenridge, Everyone was like, you gotta make a course, gotta make a course. They said, well, you know what? Let’s just do it then. Let’s do it messy. Let’s just get the phone out, and if someone wanna record me, while I’m making this amazing cheese plate for everyone. And so my dear friend, Amanda Kuchlenz from Momentum Up Marketing. If you are looking for a boutique Ads agency to help run your Facebook and Instagram ads. Highly recommend Amanda Kuchlenz MomentumUp marketing. She’s also been on the podcast, and I’ll link that up her episode up in the show notes as well. But so Amanda was super great and recorded me and so then we went back home And I’m like, okay. So now I have this content and I have to bill I not have to. I get to build this course. And a few weeks later, Elizabeth Goddard was offering her $9 course. She’s like the queen of $9 courses and she was offering that as part of a bundle in a summit she was doing that also included a get it done week. So I had actually reached out to my business coach. I was like, is this something we should do, or am I getting shiny object? like well you already have the course recorded at least part of it. This would help you just get accountability and get it done. and so a few weeks ago from the time of this recording I participated in the get done week, I got it done, and launched my cheese course, easy breezy cheese. Teaching people had to go out and feel confident in picking out delicious cheeses and a good assortment of cheeses and accompaniments for making cheese plates either for themselves or for friends or something like that. So It’s been really interesting ever since I launched the course and talking to people about it and I’m getting a lot of comments where people are feeling that there’s so much permission that I’m giving them in what I did. So as you know I do websites and tech automations, and I just launched a course about cheese. Now this is a passion project. It’s a $9 offer. It it feels on brand because my brand includes a lot of photos of me eating cheese and lots of cheese photos go on, you know, my socials and all those things I do stories about it a lot. So My point in bringing this up to you today is what I wanna talk about how when we’re when we’re growing our businesses. There’s so many different ways of doing things. We have coaches we work with, we have influencers we follow, we have the gurus, all the things, and everyone’s doing things different. and that’s okay. And sometimes I know I’ve worked with coaches or followed people and they recommend doing things a certain way that doesn’t always feel in alignment to me, and I’m not saying it’s a bad way, like they’re doing something that’s gross feeling. It just doesn’t feel quite in it doesn’t feel good to me. And it’s okay to take these other ways of doing things and to learn from these other people and then make it our own. And so what I’ve done here is taken something that I’m passionate about, something that’s kind of fun. It’s kind of silly. I’ve gotten amazing feedback on it already from some of the people who’ve already purchased and gone through the course, and they’re like, this is absolutely amazing. I’m and I just again, I think it’s so fun. I’m getting all these photos back from people of the cheese plates they’re creating now, and they’re like, you know, goodbye. Triscuits and cheddar. Look how I’ve up leveled, and it’s just it’s fun, and it’s enjoyable, and that’s what our businesses should be. That’s why we’re doing this. Let’s keep it fun. Let’s keep it enjoyable. Let’s do the things that bring us joy, not to get all Marie Kondo on you, but let’s do the things that bring us joy. Because if I mean that’s I know that’s why I do this. I love what I do. I love helping my clients. I love getting them results, and I also love talking about cheese. So what can we do to make it more fun? If you have something that maybe it doesn’t fit perfectly in this box of your business that you’ve created, talking about the same things over and over again. Maybe it’s something a little out of left field but it still fits? Go do it. As long as we’re not you know, fully confusing our audience and doing something way out of there, it’s okay to do things that bring us joy. It’s okay to have fun in our business. So my message and thought that I want to leave you with today Is what could you go create that would just feel so fun in your business? something that could help your audience and would really bring you a lot of joy. So I’d love to hear what you’re thinking of creating. I find this just such a fun question and a fun It’s been really insightful to hear from other people the how they feel that I’m giving them so much permission just by going and creating a course on cheese. When, you know, I’m not a chef, I don’t actually even like to cook. That’s probably why I like cheese plate so much. You just slap some cheese down on a plate or platter and cut up some fruit and call it dinner and it’s so enjoyable, so good. Not a lot of effort has to get put into it, at least not in the cheese plates I make. It does take some time for me to chop everything up. I’m not a fast chopper, but Let’s do things that are fun and bring us joy. So send me a DM on Instagram at Laura Kamark and let me know. What are you gonna build in your business that brings you joy? That’s it for this week. Bye now. Thanks so much for listening to this week’s episode. Be sure to check out the show notes at laurakamark.com/podcast And if you’re ready to turn your website into a marketing machine, get more sales, save time, and simplify the back end of your business, grab my free resource, power integrations for your website. Head on over to lauracomark.com/power. If you enjoyed today’s episode, make sure to subscribe and also I’ll just love you forever if you leave me a review. It helps get this podcast in front of other people that can help inspire. Thanks so much for listening. I’ll see you next week. Bye now.

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